Our Company

ELDE Engineering

Petrochemical and chemical production technologies, complex technological equipment building-block design and installation by highly qualified  specialists and the important production problems solution, involvement in investing in long-term engineering projects.

Elde Engineerng company areas of activity — Enterprises of the chemical, oil and gas, mining and smelting and power industries. Elde   Engineerng company lines of business:

  • Solving complex problems of industry reconstruction (modernization);
  • Project support by supplying equipment matching the best world standards and leading scientific developments;
  • Complex design of chemical, petrochemical, oil and gas processing works with infrastructure projects, including development of design-estimates and construction documents;
  • Design and development of oil fields and complex oil and gas treating facilities; pipelines design;
  • Necessary infrastructure and production facilities construction;
  • Equipment building-block and installation: technological production lines, compressor and pumping stations, heat exchangers and storage equipment and other equipment, supervision and engineering services during works construction, installation, commissioning and operation;
  • Integrated engineering investigations for design and construction: design and exploration work includes research work at the facilities construction site, development of the facilities construction feasibility studies, basic projects and complete documentation development;
  • Permits endorsement in the necessary instances: Rostekhnadzor, MOE, municipal authorities and other agencies;
  • An examination of projects industrial safety and industrial safety declarations;
  • Acting as the general designer in creation of large petrochemical and general manufacturing facilities.

Our company’s specialists have necessary experience and knowledge to adapt the equipment for a specific technology and design, as well as able to participate in the developments at the stage of major working units designing and linking in a dedicated workroom or site, to provide a complete service, including the contract supervision and balancing and commissioning.

Elde Engineerng company  activities. Execution of works and services for oil and gas industries companies, petrochemical, chemical factories and fertilizer plants:

  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Design
  • Field supervision services
  • The scope of work and services
  • Financing arranging assistance
  • Pre-project work, including
    • Facility construction concept development
    • Feasibility studies
    • A declaration of intent development
    • Basic projects implementation
  • Design, including
    • Project documentation development
    • Working documentation development
    • Equipment technical projects implementation
    • Author’s supervision implementation
  • Equipment completion and delivery, including
  • Equipment supply tender documents preparation
  • Together with the Customer choosing of the suppliers
  • Ordering, production and supply of equipment (reactors, generators, pumps, gas compressors, etc.) services provision